Bathroom Delays, Old Movies and one Hot Fact

by Bella Rum

Photo by my DIL: taken yesterday at the Women’s March in DC.

H and I stayed home. He painted. I love to paint, and we always do it together, but my right hip said, not this time. We ran into a snafu with the bathroom a few days ago. It had to do with old (ugly) fixtures and buying new (better looking) fixtures and said new fixtures not working and going back to the store and exchanging and choosing different fixtures. You can see how this held up the show. He’ll finish today, and we won’t have to maneuver around a ladder or avoid paint cans in order to brush our teeth or shower.

While H painted, I did… not much. I read my book a little and watched an old movie. I used to love Marsha Mason/Neil Simon movies. It was a nice surprise to see Only When I Laugh on the DVR. So I grabbed the ancient afghan I made a hundred years ago and settled in for a good watch. Remember The Goodbye Girl and Chapter Two (my favorite)? Part of it was the set design. I loved the eclectic little apartments that Marsha always lived in: the way she hung her pictures, the way she stored her pasta in baskets, the way she used a trunk or an old painted chair. Even though styles have changed, I still have to pause and rewind to catch all the little details. I’m a sucker for interior details in movies or real life, and a pain in the butt to watch a movie with. I remember movies by their interiors. I remember the color scheme in Jessica Lang’s apartment in Tootsie, the wallpaper in Marsha Mason’s apartment in The Goodbye Girl (she actually redecorated in the film), and oh, my God, Diane Keaton’s house in Something’s Gotta Give (those built-in bookcases and those windows!!!) and Meryl Streeps’s house in It’s Complicated (loved that clay tile roof).  So now you know another of my idiosyncrasies. What are yours?

FYI: Twenty-Sixteen was declared Earth’s hottest year on record. We’re all shocked, right?