Another Dream, Bathroom Improvements, Eye Doc

by Bella Rum

H is still sleeping, but he woke long enough to tell me I was laughing in my sleep last night. I was playing ball with a child, but the ball we used was no ordinary ball. It was a wonderful, fanciful thing. When I tossed it, it didn’t seem to be governed by normal gravity. Instead, it floated up in the air, and made soft circles and gentle swoops before finally gliding down to the child’s hands. It was great fun. Then there were huge piles of beautiful, luscious strawberries that someone had brought to me from California. I started to pluck one from the pile when a black spider crawled out. I flicked him away, and decided I should get a paring knife, cap the berries, and put them in the freezer before they rotted.

H finished the bathroom. It looks better with a little beige on the walls and the new light fixtures installed. Now I’m going to paint the awful cabinets white. They’ll look crisp against the beige. The details in this house are very nice. It’s puzzling that the builders went cheap on the details in the baths and kitchen, but I can’t complain. It was all in the final price, and we’re long-time fixer uppers.  I guess you could say it’s a hobby, like crocheting or collecting stamps. It’s always satisfying when we finish a project. It’s surprising how much you can improve something with a little sweat equity, and how much you can increase the value of you house, or at the very least, speed up the sale of it when you put it on the market, not to mention the enjoyment you get from using the improvements you’ve made. We spiffed up and then lightly staged (deep cleaning, placing objects, removing objects and clutter, freshening up paint in worn areas, etc.) both of our last two houses before putting them on the market, and they sold within days. It does work.

I have an appointment with the poke-in-the-eye doc today, except he no longer pokes me in the eye. Like the lyrics to the song Kansas City say, “We’ve gone about as fur as we c’n go!” Now we keep track of how fast or slowly the condition progresses. I’m very lucky that this treatment is working. So far, so good.

Have a good day!