by Bella Rum

At first glance, January doesn’t have a lot to offer. It’s cold, rainy, snowy and dark. It’s so dark. It isn’t my favorite month. That would be October. What’s not to love about October? October brings the first welcome nip in the air after long, humid summers. Nights are brisk and fresh, and the end of October sets Virginia ablaze with color. Who wouldn’t want to live in October all year long?

Though not as obvious, January brings its own advantages.

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, January offers quiet time, good-book time, old-or-new movie time, day-trip time, and best of all, January is working-around-the-house-with-no-partucular-urgancy time. That means finally getting around to all (or most) of our inside projects that were deferred to a more agreeable time. January is that more agreeable time… and February.

Between Christmas and New Year’s, we usually make a list of January/February projects. We H is very productive during the first two months of the year. Well, he’s productive every month of the year, and not a man to sit around at any time of year, but he dedicates January and February to me for inside projects. Don’t think this is torture for him. He enjoys it… mostly. You’ll have to take my word for it because he doesn’t get to give his side here.

January and February projects became a “thing” for us a very long time ago. It evolved because H loves yard work, golf, and all sorts of outside projects that need good weather. I learned a long time ago that it’s hard to get him interested in anything inside when the weather is nice. So I’m very prepared by the time January arrives. Anything that isn’t done by the end of February will probably have to wait until it’s cold again.

Light in the Hall

We’ve (H mostly) accomplished a lot since New Year’s Day. During the first week of January, unintentionally (not even on the list), we fell into organizing the guest room closets while putting Christmas decorations away. You can’t beat organizing a closet to start a new year. It should be a rule. Then H replaced a faucet that started leaking in the kitchen, painted the bathroom in our bedroom, put in new light fixtures and installed a new towel bar and toilet paper holder. Then he installed two new light fixtures in other parts of the house and one outside the front door that was badly rusted. He also repaired one of the toilets that broke at Christmas: the one he rigged until a more convenient time.

Yesterday, I worked on our closets in our bedroom which produced a laundry basket full of stuff for Goodwill. This project led to another project for H. He remembered a shoe rack that he bought with other shelving when we first moved in. He said he will install it in my closet. He had plans to replace another rusted light fixture over the garage today, but that’s now been pushed back to the February list? Why? Because last night, when he turned the water on in the shower, it started spraying all over his new paint job. This morning, he made a run to Bed, Bath & Beyond for a new nozzle, and he’s going to install it in a little while. Does every piece of plumbing in this house need to be replaced? :/

The only rooms left unpainted are the powder room and laundry room. He says the powder room is next. I’ll do the trim and cutting in. Then it will be time for something fun, something that does not include paint, electricity or plumbing. The man deserves a break!

Can you believe the first month of 2017 is gone. Whoosh! Never to return!