Out of this World and Porch Pup

by Bella Rum

Porch Pup is back by request from JB of The Awkward Widow.

img_2340I’ve never dressed him for St. Patrick’s Day before.img_2343One trip to Dollar Tree and I was set.

He’d had one too many green beers before this shot.

We had impressive hail on Saturday. To be honest, it could be pea-sized hail, and I would be impressed. Hail always impresses me. It seems like a mysterious phenomenon to me. The scientific explanation does not impress me as much as little ice balls falling from the sky.

Have you heard about the seven new Earth-sized habitable-zone exoplanets that astronomers discovered? You have? Well, I wanted to write about this days ago – before you heard about it – but I’ve been too lazy busy.

An exoplanet is a planet outside our solar system that orbits a star. I’m pretty excited about it. I was that kid who sat on the front steps at nighttime, sometimes with a blanket wrapped around me, listening to the screech-owl across the creek, looking at the night sky and wondering if anyone was up there. The next frontier was so exciting back then.

It looks like three of the seven plants have the potential to have water on them. You know what that means? They could potentially sustain life. The key word here is potential. In a couple hundred years or so, maybe we could go there, but not until we finish trashing this planet. That goes without saying, right? Earth is our first priority.

The seven exoplanets orbit an ultra-cool dwarf star called TRAPPIST-1. The light there is probably a rosy color. Imagine that. And what about their night skies? You wold be able to see the other Earth-sized planets at night. Just think about that. Scientists are stoked about this discovery! There’s so much to learn in and outside this world. I’d settle for all of us learning to get along.

So think of this when you go to bed tonight: forty light-years away, there’s a tiny, faint, dim star known as TRAPPIST-1 that has seven whole planets orbiting it. Seven!

I wonder if they have hail there. I wonder if it’s pink.