by Bella Rum

The Dream

I had a dream last night. I was in Dad’s house after he died. About a dozen people showed up from some nameless organization that made monthly visits to make sure I was caring properly for my father, and that the house was clean. One woman wiped her hand across the paneling and gazed disgustedly at her palm. Angrily, I told her that my father was dead, and they had no right to be there and no right to judge me. Another woman said, “Too bad he put the house in his son’s name all those years ago. It would be in foreclosure by now, and I could get a good deal on this waterfront property.” That’s when I shouted, “Shut your mouth, or I’ll throw you out.” Then I heard H’s calm-talking-to-a-child voice saying, “Where ya going?” I was sitting up in bed, getting ready to throw her butt out. That’s what I was doing, but H stopped me. Lucky for her.

So what is this all about? A whole dozen people judging me, and finding me lacking. Ouch! Couldn’t be me judging myself and finding myself lacking, could it? 😦

Fierce Porch Pub

H was out in the yard yesterday when a neighbor walked over with his dog. The dog was full of energy and running all over the place when he suddenly came face to face with St. Patrick’s Day Porch Pup and froze in his tracks. H said that he took a brief look, turned tail and ran like his tail was on fire. Ha!


So far this week we’ve had 81 degree temps and snow. I’m not religious anymore (in the traditional way) so tell me, is the end near (Judy?)? Or is that a myth about the seasons being indistinguishable near the end?

We ran some errands today. I wore my black shawl/cape kind of thingy. I love it. It wraps around me and feels so comfy, but I forgot about the March winds. Oh, my gosh! It was freezing cold and so windy. It kept flying and flapping and whipping around me. I must have looked like a crazy witch without her broom.


Lilou has a fuzzy, pink coat. I asked her what it was made from. With a serious expression, she told me, “bunny rabbits.” :/ I hope the Easter Bunny didn’t hear that. She starts school in the fall. I asked her if she was excited. She said, “No.” I asked her why. She said, “I’m going to stay home with Mama foreva!” I feel just like her lately. Staying home with Mama would be such a nice, safe place to be. Create some crafts, eat a sandwich, take a nap, have a snack, play with Shopkins and Rainbow Dash, eat supper, go to bed, repeat. What’ could be betta?