Are You a Lotus-Eater by Nature

by Bella Rum

We’ve done nothing for a couple of days. I can’t tell you how seldom that happens. We usually have something going on around here or out there, but we lazed around like we were getting paid for it on Friday and yesterday. I know H will find something to do today. He’s not a lotus-eater by nature. Do you love that word? I love the look of it, the sound of it. I prefer it to lazy, unambitious, shiftless.

1 – Lotus-eater: a person who leads a life of dreamy, indolent ease, indifferent to the busy world; daydreamer.

2 – Classical Mythology: A lotus-eater is also a member of a people whom Odysseus found existing in a state of languorous forgetfulness induced by their eating of the fruit of the legendary lotus; one of the lotophagi.

(sounds like long-term care to me)

I subscribe to the word of the day. Fun stuff. Sometimes I know them, but not always. More often it reminds me of words I’ve known forever but never use. You know how that is. We use only a fraction of the words we know, which reminds me of how H always says, “If you got ’em, smoke ’em.” A saying left over from his Army days.

And that reminds me…

Toward the end of H’s mother’s life, I found some pretty glasses in her kitchen cabinet. I asked her why she never used them. She said, “I’m saving them.” I was young and didn’t like waiting for anything. It was out of curiosity, not wisdom, that I asked, “For what?” She pondered why. And finally said, “I don’t know.” The next time we visited, the glasses were on the table. H, who had not been privy to the conversation, said, “Nice glasses.” She said, “I got that idea from your wife. She asked what I was saving them for.”


If you got ’em, smoke’ em. We’ll all be indolent lotus-eaters before too long.