Gloucester and Old Friends

by Bella Rum

Look at those blue skies. You can tell the wind is blowing those flags.

It was about 31º yesterday but sunny, and the skies were as blue as could be, with puffy white clouds. We drove down to Gloucester. It’s a small, pretty historical town. They’re known as the daffodil capital of the world. They have a daffodil festival, but it isn’t until April 1. I’m afraid that by then all the daffodils will be gone. I guess they will sell bulbs.

We toured the town. It has a couple of shops, a handful of restaurants and a small museum that displays the history of Gloucester. We checked out two shops: one that seemed interested in stocking napkins, stationary and cards, and one that sold doggie clothing, toys, etc. and would happily take photos of your doggie or kitty on all holidays – dressed as Santa, the Easter Bunny, etc. The only other tourist-type shop we saw was an antique store, but it was closed on Wednesdays. There may be more attractions a little later in the year. There’s a park and the ruins of Rosewell Plantation, home of the Page family for over 100 years, one of the First Families of Virginia, but it doesn’t open until April 1. 

We saw daffodils. They were pretty, but they were shivering.

I have to say that I enjoyed the crisp air and sunshine. It felt good to be walking briskly outside, and believe me, we walked briskly with that wind and cold nipping at our heels. The lady at the information center recommended a soup & sandwich place for lunch, the Sweet Tooth, the food was hearty, good and hot. I got the grilled portobello mushroom sandwich and a cup of tomato bisque soup. I love tomato bisque soup. H got the shepherd’s pie, and he ate half of my sandwich. Patsy got a half sandwich and the soup.

We always enjoy being with Patsy, our friend of 48 years. We share a lifetime of friendship between us. You can’t build a lifelong friendship at this stage of life. I’m grateful to have her. We’ve done some crazy things together. She introduced me to H. There were two guys, and she got the one who liked to leave. I’m so sorry for that. He’s long gone. It was my good luck that she introduced me to the one who liked to stay, and do home improvements and garden and cook and watch television with me at night… okay, and golf, too.

It was fine that there wasn’t much to see as there will be next month because we didn’t have much time. H had called about our circuit breaker problem before we left home, and they agreed to come around 3:00pm, so we had to start home by 2:00pm. We felt lucky to get him to come out the same day we called him, but he didn’t have the part on the truck. This seems to be a permanent condition with repair men. Great guys usually come to the house (they are consistently nice men), but they never have the part on the truck, even when you tell them what the problem is before they come. He came just a little while ago and replaced the circuit breaker – no charge because he said the fault was the way they installed it when we bought the unit two years ago. I’m very glad it’s working again. It was 21º and windy last night and we’re expecting more of the same tonight. These final days of winter are determined not to give up without a fight. Spring may have to kill it with a club.