The Mean Reds

by Bella Rum

The sky is dark and low. The horizon looks heartless and powerful. I can hear the rumblings in the distance, like pilings being pound into the ground. So dark. A storm is brewing outside and inside, too. I’ve been out of sorts ever since I got out of bed this morning. Don’t really know why. I guess it’s just a case of the mean reds, as Holly Golightly would say. I came in here just to give H a break. He’s finding busy stuff to do until I regain my equanimity. I don’t blame him. I would avoid me, too… if I could.

My eye is bothering me: burning and itching. I don’t think it’s a thing more than simple dryness, plus it is that time of year. I’ve applied Systane drops to my left eye about six times this morning. It’s so hard not to roll my lower lid down and scratch it with a toothbrush. I tried a warm compress instead, and that seems to have helped. We dry out so much as we age, like dehydrated fruit. If someone asked me for advice (which they wouldn’t) about aging, I’d tell them to floss and lubricate. 

The packaging for our brown eggs from Blue Apron.
They arrived in tact. 

We had the most incredible dinner last night, kale and white cheddar quesadillas (with eggs and radishes). I wouldn’t have put that combination together in a lifetime, and I didn’t expect it to be that good. Boy, but it was. We’ve enjoyed the Blue Apron experiment more than I even expected. I’ve eaten far more greens (vitamin K helps with clotting) recently because we chose a couple of meals that included serious K greens. A couple of weeks ago, my INR indicated that my blood was too thin, but after eating all that K, my lab work was perfect on Tuesday.

Patsy is coming for lunch tomorrow. We’re helping my niece move some of her things to storage on Saturday, and we’re going to a play on Sunday. It looks to be a busy few days, all positive things.

I guess I’ve written myself out of the mean reds. I’m feeling better. So I’ll leave you here.