Looking at Houses

by Bella Rum

After three practically sleepless nights in a row, I slept eight straight hours last night. Oh, my! What a difference that makes. Life is so much easier when you sleep.

Boy, did I ever have fun yesterday. I love spending time with my niece. We helped her move some of her things. When we finished unloading and moving it all into the storage unit, she showed us the stats on a house that was in her price range. She had more “moving” things to do so H and I did a ride-by for her. It was a charming little house: good roof, good neighborhood (which isn’t always true in her price range), large deck in the back, and lovingly maintained.

The photos of the inside were even better.

I called her and told her to drop everything and get her realtor to book a showing for her. She called her realtor, but it had gone under contract that day. It was only on the market two days. Things are flying off the market especially well-maintained and updated homes.

In the afternoon, we looked at two other houses with her. One was very much like the one we rode by, but it had not been lovingly maintained or updated, and the lot was a difficult one – especially for a single woman – with a steep bank in the backyard. It would be difficult for even a young man.

I love looking at houses. It’s even more fun when I don’t have to buy one. I will compulsively look online at everything that hits the market in her price range until she finds something.