by Bella Rum

I got my hair cut yesterday. Francine is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. She and her husband were Catholic when they were young, and he went to seminary. In their twenties, they both fell away from religion. They have three kids: two girls (16 and 17) and a little boy (5). Francine is about the age of my son (42) and very attractive. She owns the salon, and her husband owns a local pizza place. They both work hard, and I suspect they’ve done well.

A very young woman was at the reception desk, and she was cute as anyone could possibly be. I didn’t interact with her much when I arrived. Francine called me back almost immediately, but when I left, she took my money. Her slothful movements and bored expression said that she wanted to be anywhere but there. No one but a teenager can look that bored with life. When I asked a question, she answered as if it was a big bother, and she never gave me eye contact. I felt as if she was doing me a favor to take my money. One thing was clear, she didn’t care if she kept this job or not.

It took me a few hours after I got home to realize she must be Francine’s daughter. That explains her behavior AND why she still has a job. She did not want to be there, but her mother did want her to be there. She was sulking. I’m not sure who was winning the battle, but kids usually win. They are committed and gifted at beating the parent into submission. LOL

I bet anything that she’s her daughter. Ha. I’m going to ask at my next appointment. Kids! I bet she would never act that way if she was working for someone other than a parent. Her mother should put a nanny cam on her.

In about five years, she will be a lovely young woman; no traces of the indolent, spoiled teenager will remain.

When my son was a teenager, we kept a sign on the refrigerator door that read, “Teenagers: Tired of being harassed by your parents? ACT NOW! Move out, get a job, and pay your own bills while you still know everything.

A bit harsh? Perhaps, but it definitely has some truth to it. He’ll need it for his fridge in a couple of years.

Nowadays, our refrigerator offers different information. How soon life does change.