Pigs and Houses

by Bella Rum

We made a day trip to Smithfield whose claim to fame is the Smithfield ham. It’s very salty, and an acquired taste, but we grew up with it so we love it. If you’ve read here for long, you know I’ve mentioned Smithfield before. It’s a small town – a hamlet. Ha! It has a few shops and a couple of restaurants and a bunch of pretty, older homes.  The only thing I bought to bring home was bacon. We ate at the Taste of Smithfield that has – what else – pork in every selection on the menu. My friend took the photos. 

My niece found a house that she loves. We went to see it on Friday. It’s a small ranch house. She made an offer. She hasn’t heard anything yet, but it’s a holiday weekend. People have plans. The sellers may be out of town. Who knows? But it’s a nice house in a nice neighborhood. It’s 10 to 15 minutes from her office, and more importantly…. wait for it…. it’s three minutes from my house. I hope they accept her offer.

We aren’t doing much this weekend. H is always busy doing something, but I plan to read/listen to my new book. I finished the Patterson book. I liked the ending. I figured out who-done-it a little while before the end, but there was a twist at the very end that I only figured out a few minutes before it was revealed.

Have a fun and safe holiday weekend.