Driveway Progress and Niece’s House Update

by Bella Rum

Megyn Kelly is interviewing Vladimir Putin as I write this. He is not without a certain kind of charisma. He affects all the standard macho characteristics:  coolly unconcerned body language, a supercilious smirk, and a contemptuous laugh. His relaxed arrogance slices across language barriers like a hot knife through butter. A chilling character, but Kelly never lowers her eyes in a submissive pose. I don’t know that I could maintain eye contact with him. Even when the pro-Putin audience laughs at his imperious comebacks, she keeps her composure. He denies Russia’s interference in U.S. elections and accuses America of interfering in Russian affairs, saying, “It must stop.” Audacious!

H is still working on the driveway, no arrogant smirk on his face, but a lot of sweat. He’s putting the filler in the cracks today. He has to shove small pebbles into the cracks, and then fill it with some kind of cement mixture – a tedious job. The pebbles are supposed to disguise the cracks, making them blend in more with the surrounding aggregate. We’ll see. When he finishes the cracks and they’ve dried, he will apply the sealant with a roller. That’s for another day. I think they are calling for rain tomorrow, yet another delay. Fun times on the pasture.

Oh, my gosh. We have so many passwords. I know I’ve complained about this before, but here I am again. I can’t seem to choose a method and act on it. H decided he was going to make a new list. The old one is almost illegible, we’ve scratched through, written over and made additions and subtractions so many times it looks more like a toddler’s Christmas list than a password list. Then he considered putting the list in iCloud. I didn’t like that idea. He almost scoffed at me until I texted my DIL who knows all things that need to be known about computers. I didn’t tell her there was a disagreement, because they would always take H’s side. LOL He’s the charming one in this house. The grands like him more, too… well, the youngest one does. She loves me, too, but she adores him. Trust me, if we had a dog, the dog would like him better, but I digress. DIL texted back that storing sensitive info in the cloud made her nervous. She sent a link to password storage advice. So I’m back to this again. I don’t know why I don’t simply make a decision on how I want to do this. I’m usually more decisive. Is indecisiveness a sign of aging? Maybe I like the romance of paper, and a hiding place worthy of Nancy Drew.

Here’s an article I found: The Best and Worst Places to Store Your Passwords – Are Yours Secure? This guy warns against cloud-based password-storage services (password managers). I’m happy that he didn’t poo-poo paper altogether. I’m going to take care of this. This is the last time you’ll hear me complain about passwords… maybe.

Three Methods He Suggested

1) Lock your paper password chart in a desk or file cabinet or office when not in use, away from family, cleaning staff, visitors, and others.

2) Create an encrypted container (folder) on your computer using modern encryption software and a strong password, move your “Passwords” document (and other sensitive files) into it, lock the container when not in use, and then securely delete (“shred”) the original, unprotected document.

3) Use password-management software that stores its encrypted database on your computer (not in the cloud), and choose a strong master password for the database.

The sellers accepted my niece’s offer on the house. Isn’t it cute? It’s a small house, but the living area is surprisingly spacious.

I’m excited. We’ll do the walk-through with her on Tuesday at noon. This seller reminds me of a friend of mine who loves monograms. Not a room in the house escaped some sort of monogram. I think she would monogram a goat if it stood still long enough. She has a nice style, and they’ve maintained the house.

How do you store your passwords?