Homemade Veggie Wash, Home Project Update and Smoke Detector Goes Rogue

by Bella Rum

We managed to get two rainy days in a row. It’s just what the lawn doctor ordered. Everything is green and lush again. It looks like a rain forest outside our kitchen window. Isn’t rain an amazing thing? See there. I used the amaze word, but it truly applies.

H finished sealing the driveway, and what a gorgeous job he did. It was a bit of an undertaking. I wouldn’t suggest it for anyone without a lot of sticktoitiveness, but we have a pretty large driveway, and it had cracks that had to be filled. That was the hardest part. H said rolling on the sealer wasn’t hard at all. The cracks are still visible, but not nearly as much as before, and the sealer minimized their ugliness. Two thumbs up on this project.

Do you remember when I had that awful fruit fly problem a few years ago? What am I thinking? Of course you remember. What else in the world do you have to do but file my fruit fly dramas away in your memory bank. Anyway, I saw a couple of them zooming around the fruit bowl a couple of weeks ago. Then a couple more… and a couple more. These guys don’t know when to quit. They especially love bananas. I read once that they lay their eggs in the banana peel – gross – and that washing the bananas when you bring them home from the grocery store helps prevent infestations. Okay!!! I’m on the detail. I went the whole nine yards and bought some natural veggie wash. H went even further and bought one of those mesh domes to put over the whole fruit bowl at Marshall’s for a couple of dollars. The veggie wash was more expensive at $4.49 a bottle. I decided I could make my own, which I will do when I run out of the store-bought veggie wash. Here’s a recipe if you’re having problems with those pesky fruit flies.

Super-Simple Veggie Wash

1 tablespoon lemon juice
2 tablespoons distilled white vinegar
1 cup cold tap water in a spray bottle

Mix, shake well, and apply to your produce. Rinse with tap water before cooking or serving.

Source: Organic Life

OMG The smoke detector just went off and scared the bejesus out of me. Those endorphins jumped to attention. It made a few piercingly loud beeps, and then it shut the hell up. Maybe it’s battery time. Do you remember that story about a family who was saved from a fire in their home when a gift-wrapped  smoke detector went off under the Christmas tree. I always wondered if that was an urban legend.