Food: Boston Butt Pork Roast and Carbs

by Bella Rum

I bought a Boston butt pork roast today. I’m going to cook it in the slow cooker tomorrow. Have you ever made one in a slow cooker? It’s pretty simple. I haven’t made one since we were taking care of Dad. He loved barbecue sandwiches, so I shredded it, mixed it with my barbecue sauce, and served it on buns. It took years to figure out a good recipe for barbecue sauce. I can’t tell you how many mediocre recipes I used before I kind of made my own by combining ingredients from a couple of recipes. This one is a keeper. I’ll let you know if the pork butt turns out well, and I’ll give the recipe if it does, and the sauce, too, if I haven’t already. I know I shared one, but I don’t know if it’s “the” one.

watermelon rinds

Let’s talk carbs. I’ve been lax this week, and I’ve paid for it on the scales. I think my willpower just tuckered out. It isn’t as if I’ve been eating chocolate cake with chocolate icing, but the tomatoes are in and ohmygod, they are made for eating, and the watermelons (love watermelons) and Bing cherries. I’ve had an enduring lust for Bing cherries for as long as I can remember. My son (now 43) has a deep dimple on his butt (I’m sure he’ll be thrilled that I shared that). I always told him was the cherry I craved the whole time I was pregnant. I used to wait for the price to go down before I would buy them. After years of H nudging me to buy them at whatever price, I finally buy them more often. They were only 99¢ a pound last week. I got a couple of pounds. Livin’ large.

I think I’ve talked enough politics recently, but it’s worth mentioning about Bing cherries that the cultivar was created as a crossbred graft from the Black Republican cherry in 1875. I’m very bipartisan when it comes to my cherries.:)

Wish me luck on my butt roast.