Who’s at the Front Door

by Bella Rum

I made gazpacho the other day. I have a good recipe for the chunky kind, but I wanted to try the smooth kind that you put in a processor. I’ve never made the smooth kind before. I wish I’d taken a picture of it. The color was pretty, prettier than it tasted. I think it was the onion that left a bitter aftertaste. It didn’t completely ruin it. We ate it, but I wouldn’t serve it to anyone. Back to the drawing board.

I finally cleaned my cell phone last week. I made a big bottle of device cleaning solution, and found a small spray bottle and a microfiber cleaning cloth. It worked like a gem, but it’s dirty again. See. That right there is what I hate about cleaning. It always needs to be done again. Once should be enough.

Guess who’s living around my front steps? A blue tailed skink lizard. That’s who. I water my plants every day, and I think he likes the water. When I start watering, he scurries out and dashes back and forth like he’s late for a meeting and can’t find his cufflinks. He scared the brown stuff out of me the first time I saw him, but we’re becoming familiar. They’re helpful little hunters of grasshoppers, snails, slugs, cockroaches and small mice. My guy is so small, I can hardly believe that last one. Still a little leery of each other, we’ve achieved a state of détente. We meet once a day and move on. He lives his life. I live mine. I’ve had worse relationships.