Moving Day… Almost and the Grand Trio

by Bella Rum

Crystal (my niece) got the keys to her house yesterday. We went over and helped her unload a few of her things that she had not put in the storage unit, but had kept with her. Her friends, an older couple, were there, too. Crystal stayed with them during this in-between time, and I can tell this move is bittersweet for them. They’ve enjoyed their time with her. They’re excited for her, but will miss her.

She’s working today. We’re going to her house in a few minutes. H is going to cut the grass because she doesn’t have her lawnmower yet, and we’re going to wait for her new bedroom set to be delivered. I’ll clean kitchen cabinets, and wash her new sheets while H mows.

We get the truck rental tomorrow, and will move all of her stuff from storage. It shouldn’t be too bad. We don’t have to move a bedroom set, and she sold her washer and dryer, two of the biggest things. Her couch, a desk and a wardrobe are the only large pieces left. She’s so excited, and so am I.

The grands came for a visit this weekend. They are all happy and reasonably healthy. I heard a couple of coughs. I’m not sure how thrilled the “olders” are about returning to school next month, but the youngest is excited. She’s transitioned from, “I’m not going to school. I’m staying home with Mama” to “I’m going to school soon. I get to ride the school bus.” The big change came after the school provided a day for the kindergarten kids to ride the bus to school, and visit their classrooms. Now she’s as hot to go as a firecracker on 4th of July.

So we’re off to mow and clean cabinets. Life is good. Gotta enjoy it fast. I hope things are good for you, too.