Three Things that Annoy Me

by Bella Rum

Idiots and Fools Abound

Did you hear about that interoffice email an anonymous Google engineer wrote? He offered the idea that we don’t see women in higher positions because those positions require “long and stressful hours?” No? I guess we just can’t handle all that big, bad stress. Who knew?

Maybe you missed the email story because you’ve been pondering the ultimatum Trump directed toward North Korea today, warning them not to make any more threats against the United States or they will “face fire and fury like the world has never seen.” Like the world has never seen?? I’m assuming President Trump learned about Fat Man and Little Boy during his salad days at the private NY Military Academy where he claims they gave him “more military training than the Army could.” That can only mean one thing. He’s talking nuclear. He’s thinking he’s finally going to get to use those big-ass toys. I’m thinking that talk like that is best done in private where a short, fat, crazy person can save face, and the rest of us can go on watching trash tv where wealthy, shallow, cosmetically-altered housewives drive Lamborghinis. It’s our right as Americans.

Distracted, Irresponsible People

We ran a few errands today. We were sitting at a red light when a car zoomed past us and ran a solidly red light, not changing from caution, but solid RED. Crazy time. I figure she either ran the light on purpose or was distracted due to texting or talking on her phone. People need to stop that crapola. Someone who used to read this blog lost a grandchild because a distracted young woman was texting while driving. I still think of her. Such a needless tragedy. You may as well open up a bottle of wine and stick a straw in it while driving. It wouldn’t be a bit more dangerous.

This Cleaning Thing

Remember that post I wrote about cleaning your cell phone? Well, I cleaned mine. I made the solution, sprayed it on a soft, lint-free cloth, and rubbed until it was squeaky clean. Mind you, I’d never cleaned my phone before. I’ve had it for two years. Do you think I like admitting that? It’s been one week since I cleaned it, and my phone is as filthy as it was before I cleaned it. How can that be? And that’s my whole problem with cleaning. You have to keep doing it.

Word of the Day

bellicose: inclined or eager to fight; aggressively hostile; belligerent; pugnacious.

Sound like anyone you know?